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ProLodgic (RFP Automation)

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GEMS (GDS rate auditing)

PORT (ProLodgic Online Reporting Tool)

  • Streamline Hotel Rate Loading
  • Detailed Rate Accuracy & Availability Audit
  • GDS Issue Resolution Management
  • Rate Audit Reporting and Data Integration


GDS Electronic Management System

GEMS GDS Rate Auditing

Setting up a corporate hotel program takes a large amount of effort and resources. Creating a solicitation list, sending out RFPs, reviewing bids, negotiating rates, and accepting preferred hotels are all essential steps in the process. Another essential step, but one that is often overlooked, is GDS rate auditing. It just doesn’t make sense to go through all that work, and not check to make sure the rates get properly loaded.

Hoteliers are busy. With all the tasks coming at them, it is all too common that some rate loading gets missed. A simple oversight, and your travelers will fail to get the rates you worked so hard to negotiate. Not only is your time and effort wasted, your travelers end up spending more on hotels than they should, simply because rates didn’t get loaded correctly. Skip this last step, and you risk losing substantial savings for your company.

GEMS is the solution.

The GEMS GDS Manager is a comprehensive GDS channel management tool available as an annual subscription service. GEMS ensures that negotiated rates are accurately loaded and accessible to your travelers throughout the year, helping you maximize your hotel program return-on-investment.

Streamline Hotel Rate Loading. Lodging Logistics works directly with your preferred hotels at the property and chain level to effectively communicate the rate loading instructions in a structured profile designed to streamline and accelerate the process while minimizing the opportunity for error.

Detailed Rate Accuracy & Availability Audit. Lodging Logistics employs a proprietary auditing tool to check the GDS verifying that each negotiated rate is accurately loaded into the GDS. Our auditing algorithms minimize the occurrence of false positives while maximizing the visibility of correctly loaded rates. Every audit is reviewed by a data analyst to check for anomalies and to determine any corrective actions required.

GDS Issue Resolution Management. When the audit process reveals rate availability or accuracy issues, Lodging Logistics will notify the appropriate hotel contact for follow-up and resolution. Additional audits are conducted as needed to ensure that the corrective actions are implemented and the desired rates are ultimately loaded correctly.

Rate Audit Reporting and Data Integration. Each audit provides a variety of sophisticated reports to the corporate travel manager. Audit results are also integrated into ProLodgic for real-time access.