Basic price

Basic packages starting at $4000

Pricing varies based on services included and size of hotel program.

Request a custom proposal at, or at 281-545-3000.


Lodging Logistics provides custom solutions to our clients, and has been a leader at doing this for hotel RFP programs since 1998.  Over this time we have developed our programs to be tailored exactly to our client’s needs, rather than take a “cookie cutter” approach.  This has led to a strong partnership with our clients, leading many of them to allow us to service their needs for many, many years.

Pricing is based on many factors. Obviously the overall size of the program and the number of markets involved are major considerations. We also consider the products required and the level of service desired - anything from a total managed solution to a simple self-directed product subscription.

We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific needs and program objectives, and create a custom solution for you. Please contact us at or at 281-545-3000. We look forward to hearing from you.